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Eddie Garmon

Tossing Plastic and Slinging Bits

Welcome to MY Pages.

Graduated Cylinder Updates

I hope to get a build of GraduatedCylinder, a measurements library for .NET on nuget soon.

Simple.Web Updates

I recently started using Simple.Web and became enamoured. One issue that conflicted me was that I used my own explicit serialization code, no auto generation for me. This meant that I needed to create my own MediaTypeHandler. With the help of Mark Rendle and Ian Battersby, I was able to create my own, and at the same time contribute several minor infrastructure changes back that were just released in 0.10.0.

The renamed Simple.Web.JsonNet.JsonMediaTypeHandlerWithDeepLinks that was JsonMediaTypeHandler, has not been modified for this release.

A bunch of the test infrastructure for the media type handling was also aggregated and condensed.

Thanks for the great framework guys, hope to contribute more in the future.